Monday, February 2, 2009

Thank You....

I wanted to thank everyone for all the prayers and messages of condolence. The funeral was very nice and when Marv spoke, he did a really wonderful job. Not sure if I could be that composed, but my husband is truly an amazing man. There was a large turn out.....what a great tribute and quite fitting, I'm sure he would have been pleased. I included the link to his obit for any that have some extra time on their hands and want to read a little about him. Also, a few pictures taken about an hour before the service of Marv with his Mom & sisters, Mandy & her Grandma, and Marv & Mandy.

At the viewing on Saturday, some of the relatives were talking about facebook and how we all need to do it to stay in touch. So, that night I couldn't sleep and updated it as I promised them I would. I see some of you have already found me there, and if anyone else has it, send me a friend invite so I know you are there. I think I will use it more often for times like now when journaling isn't possible. It is quick, yet you can still say hi & check up on people. So.....let me know.

Our Mandy is here all week and tomorrow is her baby is 26! It will be a nice day of cheering up though, and just what her Dad needs.

Thanks Again......
Love & Pooh Hugs,

MLive Obituaries & Death Notices from Kalamazoo Gazette Online Obits –

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Checking In & Marv's Dad

Hi Everyone.

Just a quick note to say hi and that I'm so sorry for being out of touch. So much to say and not enough energy to even say it.

I think I mentioned a while back that the Doctor told Marv that his Dad would probably only live about 6 more months, and although he did live past that, he finally passed away a few hours ago. Poor's been a rough month as we have both been sick while trying to deal with everything that was starting to happen. But, he lived a long & successful life, and and now....his heart & breathing issues are over for him.

I don't know when the service will be yet, probably Monday......our Mandy will be here Friday. So, say a prayer for my Hubby, the next couple of weeks will be hard on him as he deals with this and also his Mom's health issues......I think I told you she is in a nursing home recovering from a stroke and broken hip.

Hope all is well with you....maybe life will get back to normal soon so I can return to my journal. I miss you so much and I feel blessed that you haven't given up on me.

Love & Pooh Hugs,