Monday, November 10, 2008

Six Things

I got tagged by a few people in the e-mails and journals I caught up on, so here are my six things you may or may not know about me!

(1) I love browsing through, & sending greeting cards......I spend hours in Hallmark stores!

(2) If I open a bag of potato chips, I will dig through the bag to find all the "folded" ones first.

(3) I love dishes! Especially serving platters, bowls, & holiday pieces. I know I have too many, and then I'll see this cute little bowl or plate and.....I just need it ;)

(4) I feel very deeply, and I always see things in a situation that lay beneath the surface. When I read a letter from someone, I read between the lines, so it does you no good to lie to me......everyone who really knows me says I would make an excellent profiler! Have you seen the new show, "The Mentalist?" Every week when we watch it, Marv says "he is soooooo much like you it's scary". LOLOL!

(5) I have said this one before, but I detest them so much it needs to be repeated! I HATE onions, all peppers, cucumbers, & tomatoes!!!

(6) I sleep with a towel curled up under my head.....I don't remember how it started, but I've been doing it for years, and I can hardly sleep without one now!


Joann said...

Oh, reading about you was FUN!! I know all about you and your Hallmark addiction... it's cute, and makes the rest of us very happy!! = )

I LOOK FOR THE FOLDED ONES TOO!! I love 'em!!! That CRUNCH!! Mmmm!!

I bought a Thanksgvg platter just today, didn't need it, but it was pretty.. LOL!! I'll send you a pic for your approval = )

I'm SO with you on the tomatoes, but ONLY the tomatoes!! LOL!!

I sleep with a body pillow, but I guess that's not really the same as a towel, is it!? LOL!!


Monica said...

I LOVE the folded chips the best and search those out myself. Guess I'm not alone in the search of folded (the yummiest) chips.

I enjoyed reading this entry.


Nancy said...

Thanks for sharing those things with us!
Nancy :-)

~Ann~ said...


I am so with you on the onions and tomatoes. Yuck! LOL

I think that is interesting about the towel. Maybe I should try that for my insomnia? I love the newest look in your journal. I think it looks really nice.

I hope you have a nice day as it is 4 am and I am sure you are asleep :)

Lots of hugs,


LYN said...

wow..couple of things in there I did not know!! So i guess you are not much of a salad person huh?? LOL the potato chip is funny and the towel under your head must have started because you were "hot" maybe??

enjoyed this!!!!!

Phyllis said...

I love the show the Mentalist! I love when I find great new shows because so many of them i just go 'eh' and never watch again! Tomatoes and onions are good for you missy! The chip thing is just weird. I of course have no weird habits! LOL

gina said...

i enjoyed your list...and had to laugh at what you were so emphatic about it. so do you like the 'mentalist'? i've seen it advertised, but haven't watched it yet.

Diana said...

I love folded chips too!!! But after I've eaten them all...I can't stop eating the rest of them. I like browsing card stores too. I've actually bought cards to frame and hang on the wall. Sorry, but I love onions, peppers...there's no veggie that I don't like.

Thanks for sharing. Are you feeling better now being back from vacation. I hope so!



mishia said...

OMG!! I couldn't remember the name of this place...I even cried about not getting to it...this morning I had an epiphany (my25dollarwordfortheday!!) and here you are!!I'm so happy I found you!
And no, my computer's history keeping ablilities only go as far as it's user Idunno why.
I eat the folded ones first too! As a matter of fact EVERYONE knows to give them to me if they find them first!!
I have dishes of all kinds as well..I luv them!!
I'm so glad I found you again!!
I love it!! I guess I could have emailed you..(just now thinking) do you still have the same email? When did you get back from Disney?...OMG!!

Meg said...

Heyyy Miss Linda! I'm glad you are back!! I've been so busy with work and school, I can't keep up so well. I'll have to read and catch up on your trip...
I have often said there's just no excuse for an onion! Great list.

lisa jo said...

YOU don't like tomatoes? Are you serious?! Do you like spaghetti sauce or ketchup?
i KNOW you love cards...especially sending the PERFECT ONES at a time when ONLY YOU would know to send it. The witch bookmark will go in my casket with me..IT MEANS THAT MUCH.
I am in lust with the dude on The Mentalist. HOT HOT HOT

LOVE YOU..even if you do not like

Julie said...

That was fun, I bet you wouldn't like the recipe I posted with all the peppers, onions, etc...., LOL

Ericanbiloxi said...

lol, those of us who KNOW ya, love the card thing ya got going on. hehehe
I like the burnt chips, so I can see looking for the bent ones in the bag first.
Now the towel, I don't get that one at all. hehehe I still love ya though*
psssst. TJ MAX and ROSS has the bestest assortment of platters and odd dishes ever and they are cheap!

debijeanm said...

I look for the folding ones, too! I think we need to start a new group (although really, obsessing about folded potato chips probably isn't good for either of us.)

Re: dishes. I just bought two pumpkin shaped bowls and two gravy boats for my Thanksgiving table.

I'm not having Thanksgiving here.


Anonymous said...

very interesting stuff!! I love all those veggies but cant stand okra (so slimy!) or brussel sprouts (too strange) or kale (that is for my guinea pigs!! ha ha)
I sometimes sleep with a towel, feels more supportive than a squishy pillow, but right now I have a foam pillow and it seems to work for now. If I lose it I have a cabinet full of towels...

Tracy said...

i love cards too, i think its the easiest way and cheapest way to show someone your thinking of them. i do that with the chips too :) hope you are having a good week. hugs

Traci said...

Ok all of you folded chip seekers are just odd! LOL Never even thought about that one!
I love watching the Mentalist but just cuz he is so HOT!

Missie said...

Have a good hump day tomorrow.

a corgi said...

these are so cute to read in people's journals; I loved reading yours; that's interesting about you feeling deeply; that is a gift for sure!!

now I got to open a bag of chips to find the folded ones ;)

thanks for sharing these

(I'm doing mine tomorrow when I announce the winner of the Starbucks raffle :)


erarein63 said...

HOw cute! Wouldn't think of the folded potato chips. I hate tomatoes!! De ;)

Estela said...

I did not know about the Potato chip obsession.... and had never heard of such a thing, but apparently based on the comments you are not the only one. The towel thing is unique too. :) I sleep on my stomach so I need a completely flat pillow.. every time I find a good one, I buy a few so I can replace mine regularly.

Sherry said...

I love the mentalist too and I can't belive we haven't got all caught up with so much going on with grey's can you believe izzy and alex who would of thought it lol you and me I am sure ..
sending you pooh hugs

Linda :) said...

I love greeting cards too!
and I love onions, peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers, lol....

Lori said...

Well, after reading #3 I'm almost afraid to leave a comment! Oh well, I'm not lying, so I guess I have nothing to worry about, right? Someone I know rolls up a towel and puts it under her neck when she sleeps, but I can't remember who it is! Hope you're having a great week!