Saturday, October 4, 2008

Two Week Break From Complaining!

Looking at everything through positive eyes is hard to do all the time, I'll admit....I can whine with the best of them and throw personal pity parties that rock! I haven't had the best attitude the past couple of weeks about a lot of things, and I want to do better, I really do want to be a better person than that.

There are simple things that happen everyday that should make me smile and appreciate my life more, but I'm usually so busy being stressed about maybe not getting back into our house in Jan, that I miss many of them. So today, I made an effort to smile at the good things right in front of me, the little joys in life I take for granted ......and here are just some of my observations:

God let me wake up today, and I thanked Him for it.....even if it was a bit early ;)

Abby had so much fun tearing up the Kleenex she pilfered from the bathroom waste basket, I really just had to laugh instead of scold her, she is such a little scamp!

As my Mom & Dad (married 60 years) sat on the couch today.....they were holding hands just kind of randomly, not even aware they were doing it. They are still so much in love :)

Comcast Cable does service calls on Saturday.....and at no extra charge, how bout that!

Gas was $3.29 today.... WOW! Did you ever think you'd cheer when gas was that price? LOL!

Biting into a crisp apple is a great sound, and I'm usually so into eating it that I don't pay attention to the "snap".

Last night, my daughter reminded me that she does not bend with the wind, and even though that may mean different views than I's one of the things about her that I love, and it makes me proud to be her Mom. Thank you Mandy, for being fiesty with me when I need it :)

Marv intensely "interacting" with the TV while watching Michigan football made me laugh this afternoon....his Alma Mater brings out his drama & debating skills ;)

For all my complaining this week, Blogger really does have some great features...and so many of my friends are still with me!

Scotty leaves for Disney World today and I'm not even jealous....okay, maybe a little, but in a very positive way (HeeHee)

Fred Goldman got a good night's sleep for the first time in 13 years..... justice is the best revenge!

Yeah, that last one is still making me smile, in fact, that one alone may fuel smiles all week:) Okay, they say if you do something for two weeks, it will become a habit, so.....I'm going to give it a try. I'm going to make a list every day, noting the little things that made me smile, so it helps keep them in my mind and balance out the times where things don't go my way. I'll report back in two weeks with results if I think I've had an over all better out look.

Have a great and positive Sunday.


Anonymous said...

i will join you in this!

Janis said...

I agree with Nancy...I will join you in this as's so easy to be negative in today's world (and you have a lot of reasons) yet, it is our attitude that makes a difference in how we deal with issues and others. Thanks for encouraging us to be better people, wives, mothers.

God Bless
PS. Your site is looking great! :)

Diana said...

One of my biggest smiles yesterday was when this one tiny cub scout approached me while I was leaving Lowes asking if I'd buy some popcorn. (The Boy Scouts have their popcorn sale going on.) He was so cute and so quiet, but persistant, I couldn't resist!! Having an Eagle scout son (David) myself, and my nephew becoming Eagle last week, and years of a being a Den Leader, I just had to stop and take some time to talk to the parents and choose some popcorn.

Yes...we fail to see what's right in front of us that makes me smile. I need to just slow down sometimes and not be in such a hurry to get on with my schedule. I love your idea!!

Have a good Sunday!



Sugar said...

Your post today is so right!
Have a blessed Sunday, my friend.

Robin said...

Wonderful entry! But...I never think of you as a whiner. :)

D said...

hearing pooh corner here today made me smile big time! Thanks

Diane said...

How right you are it is so easy to overlook the happy things that happen in everyday life especially if you are feeling low...
thanks for that it made me smile.


gina said...

hi linda! i love your new blog. you have done a great job. :) wow...gas at 3.29! lol the lowest i've seen it here in alabama is 3.51, but most places are still over 3.70. a great entry here...i'm joining you. :)

Julia said...

What a great post and such a positive one. I agree. There are some great things to this blogging. I also am happy that the Goldman family is sleeping well tonight. It certainly was a long time coming for them. 13 years to be exact.

Phyllis said...

I can give you a perfect example of me NOT being positive and not realizing it until just now - I was thrilled to fill up yesterday at 3.33 - then looked at the gallons and thought "this should be $13 dollars!!!". LOL. I'm gonna work on that! Your blog is coming along so well. I'm glad you have the nifty counter so we can keep up with how many days we have of our linda pooh!

Pamela said...

What a great idea! I need to start doing that, too. Loved the last one, too!
Have a great day sweetie!
Love you, Pam

LIZ said...

Im so glad to hear you are trying to stay really does get hard sometimes I certainly agree. I love your idea so the nest time I find myself in a rut Im gonna try it.

Have a great day, Liz

Emmi said...

A smile is contagious so do it often.

cj said...

I am agreeing with you.. I am also spending so much time stressing bout the things that aren't going my way that I don't stop and appreciate the things that make me happy.. Love your site.. Hugs~~Carol~~

lisa jo said...

it is so cool that you appreciated the small things sure is easy enough to not see them or take them for granted.

Joyce said...

Wonderful entry and a good reminder to all of us. For all my complaining, I really do like Blogger and haven't lost any of my friends. What's better than that?
Hugs, Joyce

Ken said...

Nothing better than a smile. I have always been a half full glass type of person and try and find the silver lining in every situation. It becomes habit and contageous after a while :o)

Joann said...

I read so many comments, I forgot what you wrote.... LOL!! JK! I think you've got the right idea about how to remember to be grateful, but I never consider YOU UNgrateful!! Oh, and I LOVE what you done with the place, your blog looks great!!!

Joann said...

P.S. I'm with you on the happiness for Fred Goldman... I CHEERED so loud when O.J. was found guilty. NOW, I just can't wait to hear the sentence.


Myra said...

It is easier to complain, but when you stop and really see the many blessings in your life, it is hard to complain wholeheartedly! Yes, even a crisp apply is a blessing, it coulda been mushy! Thank you for pointing out the little things that add up to big things!

GReality said...

(wiping brow) I thought I lost your new blog address. Glad I found you. Love the look of your new blog.

When I'm down and feeling lost I just look at my grandgirls and suddenly I smile. Never knew I'd be this much of a sap. lol

Missie said...

Here's hoping OJ gets life and someone loses the key!

Traci said...

I'm with you! I was just thinking (after hashing out our meager budget with the hubby and wondering where we will get the money for fill in the blank) how blessed we are. I was driving, Lou was drinking a Coke and chatting about how he has plans to make lots of money, Emma was in the back seat talking up a storm and sweet Bella was sleeping. We may have very little money but we are rich in so many other ways.

Melissa said...


Loved your post today! So postive...we all need that. When we put out good energy, good energy comes back to us.

I don't know if you've seen this website before

I love this! We should all try this!

I don't know the back story on your house. You mentioned that you might not be back in by Jan. What happened?

Anonymous said...

You really need to read "The Secret" or "Law of Attraction." Honestly, it changed my life. Anyway, I love your new journal...I can tell you worked hard on it, and it looks great! I love you!


P.S. Care to send some of those amazing Michigan apples my way? :)

Estela said...

My weekend was great. Kendra was home and all four of us (the kids and I) had a great time together.

Meg said...

Hey Hey Miss Linda! Love the blog. I think I'll like this even better than aol...we couldn't make blogs look as pretty as yours over there.
I'm sorry you lost your coat. I just know you'll find one you love, and find it soon! The "make me smile" list is a grand idea, more of us should do it. A "Make Me Smile Monday" list...yeah, we should do that.

erarein63 said...

Love this concept, Linda. I should give it a try myself. With so much stress and negativity in my life right now (divorce, work issues, financial issues, etc) I need to be thankful for what the good Lord has bestoyed upon me. De ;)

Tracy said...

i love the way you write, you just no how to make a person think and brighten someones day! hope you have a good week. hugs

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Great entry. It's always good to hear the positive side of life.
'On Ya' - ma

a corgi said...

I cannot believe I forgot to put myself as a follower on your blog, Linda; that's why I wasn't getting notices of your entries (I loved that song you put on for Music Monday!!!; so glad you are continuing it over here :)

I loved this entry too; we have so much to be thankful for don't we? we just sometimes need to stop and remember that!!

sorry I wasn't here sooner; but I think I got it covered now :)